Is it true that One Piece will end in 5 years?


Is it true that One Piece will end in 5 years?

Is it true that One Piece will end in 5 years?

10 One Piece Will End In Five Years One Piece is quite close to its end right now, with around 80% of the story having been covered already. Eiichiro Oda recently stated that Luffy's journey is coming close to an end and that he would like to end it in the next five years.

Will One Piece go on forever?

One Piece stands as the most successful manga title to date, but that doesn't mean the series can live forever. ... According to Anime News Network, the creator said the ending of the manga is “near.” Oda would not elaborate on specifics, but he did say the series will have “just over 100 volumes” total.

How many years does One Piece have?

The original intent of the author was to have One Piece last for five years, which means that it would have finished in 2002. So far, however, the manga series has lasted for 16 years and the anime, as it started the very next year, for 15 years.

Will One Piece end at 1000 chapters?

The most recent issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine debuted the monumental milestone for the series as One Piece officially crossed the 1000 chapter mark, and to celebrate the huge release series creator Eiichiro Oda penned an emotional letter to the fans around the world celebrating the major milestone as ...

Did ODA tell a kid the ending of One Piece?

Oda has never told anyone his planned ending for One Piece, except for one person, that Child was a kid who had cancer, and was about to die soon, his family did a make a wish and that wish was for Oda to tell the kid the ending for One Piece because he has a big fan.

How rich is the creator of One Piece?

Eiichiro Oda is a Japanese manga artist, writer, and producer who is best known as the One Piece series creator. The popularity of this series led to Oda becoming one of the best-selling and most successful fiction authors of all-time.

How old is Luffy when ace dies?

Since Ace is 3 years older than Luffy, as given by his age before he died, that means when Ace was 10 then Luffy was 7.

How old is red hair Shanks?

Shanks' color scheme in the manga, at age 27, with the straw hat and cape on. Shanks' color scheme in the manga, at age 37. Shanks in the Digitally Colored Manga.

Did Oda tell the ending of One Piece?

This article details the events that happened with Hinati Fujinami who had been diagnosed with lung cancer. When asked what he wanted as a 'last wish' he responded that he would like to know the ending to his favorite manga "One Piece".

When does one piece come to an end?

Unlike its peers, additionally, One Piece never appeared to hit a wall or peak, and Eiichiro Oda put together a continuous saga filled with arcs that rose and fell naturally. However, in a recent interview, Oda revealed that the story of the Straw Hat Pirates will be coming to an end, likely within the next five years.

How many manga chapters are there in one piece?

This is a good thing, as some fans do not wish for it to be stretched out and milked for money. Oda's 2020 One Piece goal is to reach 1,000 manga chapters by the end of the year. Despite constant uphill battles during the year, Oda is not losing hope and wishes to reach this goal.

How many characters are left in one piece?

By 2020, who knows what percentage One Piece will be at in the end, as long as which characters will be alive, and which ones will die. Continuing on with the percentages, Oda updated his fans once again in 2018 when he stated the manga was 80% done. This means he has 20% of a story left to tell, but who knows?

What did Oda say about the ending of one piece?

In July 0f 2006 in a volume of One Piece with an interview included, he stated that he had originally planned the ending to the series. Fans won't have to worry about having the ending feel like a cop-out or being rushed, as he properly thought about it before inking the pages of One Piece.

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