Is it possible for Paige to wrestle again?


Is it possible for Paige to wrestle again?

Is it possible for Paige to wrestle again?

As reported in recent times, chatters about former Divas Champion Paige returning to wrestling competition are alive. Given how names like Edge, or Daniel Bryan overcame the similar injury that she is dealing with, it is possible for her to make a comeback with strong determination.

Is Paige banned from WWE?

WWE superstar Saraya-Jade Bevis, better known to the WWE universe as Paige, has been given her first Twitch ban, with no clear reason as to why. Twitch's ban hammer is a fierce one.

Who did Paige marry?

Ronnie Radke Paige/Parceiro

Are Paige and Ronnie Still Together?

Paige has been dating Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke since the end of 2018, and Del Rio noted that he is happy for the popular female star. Paige is in a good spot as she has maintained a steady relationship and also continues to stream on Twitch.

Did Paige know she was going to win?

Fighting With My Family makes no bones about the scripted nature of pro-wrestling, but the finale match builds tension by making it seem like Paige didn't know she would win; in actuality, the real wrestlers knew by the time RAW started that the title was switching owners.

Does Paige have a child?

12 Paige Revealed That She Can No Longer Have Children She said that this gave her an issue with her ovaries and she required surgery to remove the problem, something that she had done while she was down in NXT and was cleared the day of NXT Arrival when she became NXT Women's Champion.

Why Roman Reigns break up with Paige?

Speaking on Renee Paquette's Oral Sessions podcast, Paige said Rhodes wanted her character to break up with Reigns after he stole her toaster. The two-time Divas Champion also revealed how she felt “embarrassed” after reading a love letter to Reigns, who was known as Leakee at the time.

Who is Paige boyfriend?

Ronnie Radke Paige/Parceiro

Who is Ronnie Radke dating now?

Paige Ronnie Radke/Parceiro

Did the rock really help Paige?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has closely worked with Paige in real life, and serves as an executive producer of the film. In an interview with Kevin Smith for IMDb, Merchant said that Johnson was the one who first decided to make a film about Paige, after seeing the original documentary about the family.

Why is Paige still in WWE?

The answers to those questions are complicated; this photo leak comes after several months of dramatic developments with the former Diva’s Champion, during which it has become increasingly unclear whether Paige will ever return to World Wrestling Entertainment. At this time, Paige is still a WWE employee, but she is away due to an injury.

Is Paige coming back to WWE?

As you can see, Paige’s current status in the WWE is quite complicated. She is still a contracted employee with them, and her contract extends into 2019. She is away due to an injury, with a return being possible between April and July of 2017.

Is WWE Paige married?

WWE superstar Paige and former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio are getting married. So when is this wedding scheduled to take place? Well, on March 27th, Alberto Del Rio announced on his Instagram page that he and Paige were “getting married Wednesday.” This would have been Wednesday, March 29th, two days from when that post was made.

How old is WWE Paige?

Paige (wrestler) Height, Weight, Measurements, Bra Size, Age, Wiki, Bio. She was born Aug in Norwich , Norfolk, England. Paige Age 25 Years Old, She now lives in San Antonio, Texas, United States. She is an English retired professional wrestler and actress, currently signed to WWE. Paige has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars.

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