Who is stronger Shazam or Thor?


Who is stronger Shazam or Thor?

Who is stronger Shazam or Thor?

Without Mjolnir, Thor might actually lose against Shazam as it's where a lot of Thor's magical abilities come from. Shazam doesn't need such a token to use magic and can easily amp up his strength, speed, and even durability to match or even surpass Thor's.

Can Doomsday beat Thanos?

Thanos certainly does possess enough strength to hold his own against Doomsday and he's clearly more experienced and more intelligent, so he could technically overpower him. ... But, since the only way to effectively kill Doomsday is to destroy everything, Thanos would have to destroy himself in order to destroy Doomsday.

Who wins Shazam or Captain Marvel?

Verdict. In a fair mono-e-mono battle, Shazam would definitely pummel the good captain into the ground. Danvers has an impressive suite of powers and abilities but Shazam has divine magic and godlike powers behind him.

Who is worthy of THOR's Hammer Shazam or Thor?

But being powerful is not what makes Shazam worthy of Mjolnir. In fact, Shazam is not the one who is worthy of the hammer. Billy Batson is. When the young man speaks the magic phrase SHAZAM, he gains the formidable powers of six immortal elders. Batson had to be worthy of this power to wield it.

Who is the only person to have lifted THOR's Hammer?

This is one What If? issue that definitely needs a sequel. If any Avenger other than Thor is worthy of lifting Mjolnir, it has to be Captain America. Which is why Steve Rogers has proven worthy of wielding the hammer on three separate occasions.

How did Wonder Woman get control of THOR's Hammer?

Thor didn't actually battle Wonder Woman in this series, appropriate as that match-up would have been. But when Thor lost control of Mjolnir after his clash with Captain Marvel, the hammer found its way to Diana. She was able to lift it easily, augmenting her own godly powers with that of Thor's.

Who is the copyright holder of THOR's Hammer?

Copyright belongs to Marvel and other original content creators Mjolnir is a fictional weapon appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. It is depicted as the favored weapon of the superhero Thor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZdfx... Loading...

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