Who would win Sailor Moon or Goku?


Who would win Sailor Moon or Goku?

Who would win Sailor Moon or Goku?

With her magical abilities and energy attacks, Sailor Moon is truly a force to be reckoned with. She has quite literally saved the world on more than one occasion and her power transcends lifetimes. Still, for all her gifts, in a fight between her and Goku, the odds favor him winning by over nine thousand to one.

Can Sailor Moon beat Mui Goku?

So How Can Usagi Beat Goku? In short, Usagi is capable of feats comparable to Goku. She can survive planet-destroying strikes and, while not as physically strong as Goku, she usually places enough distance between her adversaries and herself to eliminate the need for hand-to-hand combat.

How can Sailor Moon beat Goku?

1:223:50How can Sailor Moon beat Goku? - YouTubeYouTubeInício do clipe sugeridoFinal do clipe sugeridoShe is the capacity to destroy planets manipulate time and warp reality at the beginning of theirMoreShe is the capacity to destroy planets manipulate time and warp reality at the beginning of their career at Sailor Moon she fought on his ship with ten times gravity.

Can Sailor Moon beat Naruto?

1 Win - Naruto, Naruto In his ultimate form, Naruto is able to destroy the moon, which could prove problematic for Sailor Moon. However, in her ultimate form, she could destroy the entire universe. ... Sailor Moon is faster than Naruto in terms of speed, yet both thrive when they have the aid of their friends and team.

Can Sailor Moon beat Superman?

Both Usagi and Superman are prone to holding back, not wanting to hurt people. ... Sailor Moon can blast Superman from far outside his range with enough power to beat him, and can basically regen from anything he can do.

What powers does Sailor Moon have?

Sailor Moon (character)
Sailor Moon
SpouseKing Endymion
ChildrenSmall Lady Kousagi Tsukino (Parallel Universe daughter)
AffiliationsSailor Guardians
AbilitiesGeneration of damaging energy Uses the power of Silver Crystal Healing powers Teleportation (with other Sailor Guardians)

Who would win in a fight, Sailor Moon or Goku?

Much like Goku, Usagi is pure of heart, meaning the Spirit Bomb can only tickle her at best While Goku and Beerus were destroying the universe in their fight, one must remember it is from the collision of their attacks. With the force of their mighty punches magnified by the other's is why this was happening.

Can a Sailor Moon beat a Dragon Ball Z son?

Sailor Moon Could Beat Dragon Ball Z's Son Goku (Yes.

Who is the strongest character in Sailor Moon?

Goku is one of the strongest characters in all of anime. In fact, he is often cited as the model for epitomizing insane feats of strength. Of course, Sailor Moon (whose real name is Usagi) is nothing to scoff at.

What kind of powers does Sailor Moon have?

Meanwhile, Sailor Moon's powers come from magic. The magic of the moon and celestial bodies give her and the Sailor Scouts their abilities. If there was any question about it, Sailor Moon can out-magic Goku in any context imaginable.

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