Can Superman beat Superboy?


Can Superman beat Superboy?

Can Superman beat Superboy?

Superboy-Prime is stronger than just about anyone in the universe and even has more powers than Superman. The only way that Superman beat him in Infinite Crisis was for both men to have the power of the yellow sun gone and their powers depleted and it was Superman's experience that helped him win.

Who's stronger Superboy or Superman?

In Action Comics #1030 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Daniel Sampere, and Jordie Bellaire, Superboy is said to be growing stronger than Superman and Supergirl.

Does Superboy-Prime kill Superman?

Superboy-Prime beats Kal-L to death, but is then attacked by Kal-El. Superboy-Prime claims that he is better than Kal-El and that his Krypton was superior to Kal-El's. ... While inside his cell, he carves the Superman symbol into his chest, vowing to escape.

Is Conner Kent as strong as Superman?

While he possesses Superman's super strength, enhanced speed, telescopic vision, infrared vision, super hearing, and invulnerability, these powers are not at Superman's level, nor at the proportionate level for a Kryptonian of his physical age.

Can Goku beat Superboy-Prime?

10 Superboy-Prime Is Just Too Powerful For Goku Superman can beat Goku, but this is a fact that most Dragon Ball fans can't admit. ... Goku is good, but he wouldn't be able to survive Prime's initial onslaught.

Who is the strongest Kryptonian?

From Jor-El to H'El, here are the 10 strongest Kryptonians from DC Comics....Check out this ranking to see.

  1. 1 H'El. Ranking any Kryptonian above Superman is controversial, but there is good reason to put H'El at the top.
  2. 2 Superman. ...
  3. 3 Doomsday. ...
  4. 4 Supergirl. ...
  5. 5 Superboy-Prime. ...
  6. 6 Zod. ...
  7. 7 Faora / Ursa. ...
  8. 8 Power Girl. ...

What happened to Conner Kent?

Conner managed to escape Luthor's control, but feeling violated and dirty by his actions, left the Titans for a period. He eventually returned to action, during the Infinite Crisis, where he was killed in battle against the alternate universe version of Clark, Superboy-Prime.

Is it possible for Superman to defeat Superboy?

Generally, the answer would be “yes.” When Superman was just an older version of Superboy, those few times that the characters actually met (i.e., Superboy meeting an older version of himself), Superman would have been able to defeat him, much like a mature man of about 30 could probably beat up himself at the age...

Who is more powerful Superboy Prime or Superman?

Superboy prime is significantly more powerful then superman, but even he is just an alternate reality Clark Kent. He could probably beat superman. Connor Kent is quite a bit less powerful then superman, so he probably couldn’t beat superman unless he got really lucky. 456 views·

Who are the Superboys in the DC Universe?

Right now, there are two Superboys in the DC Universe. Jon Kent is the son of Superman and Lois Lane and is currently residing in the 31st century with the Legion Of Superheroes. The other is Connor Kent. Introduced during the "Reign Of The Superman" storyline, Connor Kent was a clone of Superman... and his arch-enemy Lex Luthor.

Is there a way for Iron Man to beat Superman?

Although fanboys like to argue that Iron Man’s many powerful armors can whip up a fantastical way to beat Superman, the fact remains that these are still made with tech rather than natural abilities. Superman only needs the yellow sun in his favor, and this counts for the DCEU version as well.

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