Is Moro stronger than Jiren?


Is Moro stronger than Jiren?

Is Moro stronger than Jiren?

In the most recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Moro unleashed the extent of his full power and since Jiren appears to be stronger than that with more stamina than Goku in Ultra Instinct Sign, we can pretty confidently say that the warrior from Universe 11 would be more than enough to bring down the ancient sorcerer.

Can Lord Beerus beat Moro?

With Beerus theoretically on par with the Supreme Kai, given their inverse relationship, the God of Destruction could easily beat Moro within an inch of his life -- as long as the villain didn't use magic and the Dragon Balls to significantly boost his strength at a moment's notice.

Who is stronger Moro or Beerus in Dragon Ball Z?

In fact, Beerus himself clearly stated that Whis is far more powerful than him. So there is absolutely no chance that Beerus can beat Whis. 5. Can Beerus defeat Moro? Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7 and quite easily one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball.

Why is Beerus not interested in fighting Moro?

Just as Moro has defeated Goku, Vegeta appears along with a super power-up. Despite that, Moro doesn’t seem to take much damage. While Beerus and Whis are seen observing this battle, the former shows no interest in fighting Moro even after seeing Vegeta and Goku lose.

Can a Moro sphere of destruction drain Beerus?

So yes, I highly doubt that Beerus’ Sphere of Destruction would do anything since Moro would simply eat the energy or absorb it. If Beerus takes the fight seriously from the start, then he can hakai Moro before he can fully drain him out unless Beerus knows he’s being drained then he stomps.

Who is the god of Destruction Beerus or Moro?

Beerus will surely win. Beerus hold authentic position of God of destruction. At that time when Moro evaded Namek planet both Whis and Beerus came to know about it. But Beerus was sure that Son Goku and his team will take care of that problem.

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