Does Android 16 come back to life?


Does Android 16 come back to life?

Does Android 16 come back to life?

Android 16 was killed by Cell in Dragon Ball Z, but it's possible that he was secretly revived by the Dragon Balls, despite his robotic nature. Android 16 is the only member of the Cell Saga's android trio who has yet to return. ...

Does Android 16 get repaired?

Not wanting to take any chances, Bulma removes this bomb from 16's body. Android 16 meets Goku On the day of the Cell Games, the fully repaired Android 16 is the second warrior to arrive, after Vegeta, with a Capsule Corporation patch over his Red Ribbon Army logo.

What episode does Android 16 Die?

The Cell Juniors Attack The Cell Juniors Attack") is the eighteenth episode of the Cell Games Saga and the one hundred eighty-third overall episode in the uncut Dragon Ball Z series.

Is Android 16 a good guy?

Despite his robotic design, Android 16 proves to be calm and friendly by his very nature. ... In some videogames like Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2, it's shown that Android 16 even recognizes that Goku is a good and noble man, and that he would prefer if his drive wasn't to murder him.

Who defeated Android 17?

Android 17 is ultimately killed when Semi-Perfect Cell self-destructs on King Kai's planet. 17's life is restored after the Z Fighters use the Dragon Balls to revive those who died as a result of Cell's campaign. A second wish made to Shenron by Krillin removes the Android Bombs within Lapis and Lazuli's bodies.

Which android is the strongest?

Super 17 is probably the most powerful android in the entire series. This characters comes from the fusion of Android 17 and Hellfighter 17 in order to create a more powerful version of the previous.

Why didnt they wish Android 16 back?

Doctor Gero lost his son during the red ribbon army arc, so he created android 16 which look like his son. While android 17&18 are human which were converted into cyborg (android) so they still had their soul in their body while android 16 didn't, so shenron couldn't find android 16 in other world.

Who is stronger Cell or Android 16?

Android 16 was stronger than Cell very briefly. They were roughly equal in power after Cell absorbed a ton of humans. He was no match for Cell after he absorbed the twins.

Who defeated Android 16?

It is only when Cell mercilessly kills #16 after he had encouraged Gohan to fight that Gohan snaps, transforming into a Super Saiyan 2.

Who married Android 17?

Android 17 went on to travel the world, he eventually arrived at Monster Island where he fought a group of poachers and befriended the ranger there. He eventually married the ranger - who is also a zoologist - after becoming a ranger himself.

Why was Android 16 not revived in cell?

Everyone who were killed by Cell were revived. Is it because he is a complete robot unlike 17 and 18 who were converted from humans? The wish was as I recall all does who were killed by cell. Android 16 was destoyed because he never lived as being an android. So he doesn't belong in the killed catagory.

Why was Android 16 not revived in DBZ?

It is correct that #16 was just simply a robot while #17 and #18 were cyborgs. Both of them were revived its just that they only shown #18 all that much at all (even though it wasn't that much) #17 did appear in DBZ.

Is the Android 16 from Dragon Ball Z still alive?

Android 16 was killed by Cell in Dragon Ball Z, but it's possible that he was secretly revived by the Dragon Balls, despite his robotic nature. Dragon Ball Z famously killed off Android 16, and never brought him back, but could it be that he's still alive, thanks to the Dragon Balls.

Is it possible for cell to be revived?

Unlike Androids 17 & 18 Cell was never a living being and much like Android 16 was a wholly artificial being if made in a different and more biological process. It stands to reason he hasn't got a soul and can't be revived. When Cell self-destructed, Kaiō and Goku realized that his soul wasn't in Otherworld anywhere.

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