Does Bulma care about Goku?


Does Bulma care about Goku?

Does Bulma care about Goku?

Once Goku became an adult, Bulma was amazed how tall and handsome he had become and stated that she could have fallen for him. When Goku became engaged to Chichi, Bulma was surprised but happy for Goku. Chichi later said she believed Bulma always liked Goku, despite the former's denials.

Can Bulma kill Goku?

And Bulma nearly killed Goku the second she met him, inadvertently ramming into him with her car, and opening fire on him with a gun when he began to fight back. ... Throughout the franchise, no one has been beating Goku around for longer than Chi-Chi and Bulma.

Did Bulma cheat on Vegeta?

When Yamcha is killed by a Saibamen, Bulma even says that she would have married him if he had survived. How did all go wrong that she wound up with Vegeta marrying her instead? The answer to that is that Yamcha cheated on Bulma— multiple times as a matter of fact.

Is Caulifla in love with Goku?

Caulifla shares this interest with Goku. She loves watching a good fight and seeing how other brawlers use their techniques to win. She sees fighting as a fun activity and not a matter of mortality.

Did Vegeta defeat Goku?

Vegeta's never beaten Goku and he never will. ... While Vegeta would have won their fight during the Saiyan– that much is undeniable– Gohan and Krillin interrupt the battle before Vegeta can finish off Goku. During the Buu arc, the fight was already over when Vegeta knocked Goku out.

Why is Bulma the worst character in Dragon Ball Z?

Remember, everyone has their flaws, and Bulma isn't any exception! It may be lesser known or a totally forgotten fact since Dragon Ball Z has certainly upstaged its predecessor, but, in Dragon Ball, Bulma’s entire objective was to get a boyfriend.

Why did Goku turn Bulma into a carrot?

The group controls a village in the Diablo Desert in part because the villagers fear Monster Carrot’s ability to transform people into carrots. At one point, he actually transforms Bulma into a carrot when she touches him. Goku tries to fight him but is afraid he might hurt the carrot that Bulma has now become.

Can a human catch Goku in Dragon Ball Super?

By the time Dragon Ball Super rolls around, Goku has seemingly left his human companions so far in the dust it seems impossible for them to catch up. But is this truly the case?

Why did Bulma create the Dragon Radar in Dragon Ball?

The default argument in defense of Bulma's worth is that she created the dragon radar. However, this isn't entirely true. As seen in many of the episodes, friends (and enemies alike) already have this technology. In fact, it's implied in Dragon Ball that the dragon radar had been conceptualized before Goku had even been born.

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