Can Vegeta go Legendary Super Saiyan?


Can Vegeta go Legendary Super Saiyan?

Can Vegeta go Legendary Super Saiyan?

Legendary Super Saiyan god would be a perfect fit for Vegeta and would provide enough strength to catch up to Goku. It would be the perfect form for him as it would feed it's self with energy and would enable him to use it anytime he needs to. This is likely not to happen though.

Can Gohan go ssj3?

1- Gohan doesn't need to go ssj3 because his ultimate form is already stronger and less straining on the body than ssj3. 2- Training for ssj3 is very tough on the body. Goku was only able to achieve it because his body was dead and could take the beating. Gotenks can do it because he is the combination of two strong bodies that can go super Saiyan.

What are all of Goku's forms?

Goku has a total of 7 forms he can use, in order of strength: Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, Ultra Instinct and Mastered Ultra Instinct, with his Base and Blue forms having Kaio-ken versions, which make him even stronger at the cost of draining his Life.

Is Kale a Super Saiyan?

Kale is the first female Saiyan from the mainstream Dragon Ball series to be shown with a Super Saiyan transformation. However, in the series itself, it was Caulifla who becomes a Super Saiyan first. Like most other pure-blooded Saiyans, Kale's name comes from a vegetable, more specifically kale.

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