Is Kakuzu stronger than Hidan?


Is Kakuzu stronger than Hidan?

Is Kakuzu stronger than Hidan?

Kakuzu and Hidan's team was arguably the most disconnected team in the entire Akatsuki. Due to his habit of killing his teammates, Kakuzu was paired with Hidan, a guy who he couldn't kill since he was immortal. Their fighting capabilities were more than decent, with Kakuzu being the stronger one among the two.

Did Hidan like Kakuzu?

Hidan (飛段, Hidan) is an S-rank missing-nin who defected from Yugakure and later joined the Akatsuki. There, he was partnered with Kakuzu, despite the two's somewhat mutual dislike of each other.

Did Kakuzu care about Hidan?

Kakuzu also seems to care to an extent about Hidan, as he picked up and gave back his partner's forehead protector after he lost it during his fight with Asuma, a feat that made Hidan admit that Kakuzu is not as hostile as he appeared to be, although Kakuzu did note that he only did so because he could not stand the ...

How did Hidan kill Kakuzu?

In the anime, he, Itachi and Konan were tasked with killing an apparent immortal, who turned out to be Hidan. He managed to destroy one of Kakuzu's heart. ... He was deemed a fitting partner for Kakuzu as he could not be killed because of his own, similar immortality.

Who did Hidan like?

Hidan (飛段) was the partner of Kakuzu, despite having mutual dislike for each other, and was the second newest member of Akatsuki, at the time of his introduction. Kisame laughingly referred to Hidan and Kakuzu as the "Zombie Brothers."

Is Hidan still alive in Boruto?

Though believed dead by Akatsuki, Hidan is in fact alive but is dying slowly from a lack of nutrition. When Kakuzu was reincarnated during the Fourth Shinobi World War, he took Hidan's absence as proof that he was still alive.

Is Hidan powerful?

Hidan isn't so much a powerful ninja, as he is a durable one. He really only has two tricks, his exceptional immortality and a technique that turns him into a voodoo doll that harms anyone who attacks him so long as he's within a special symbol.

Is kakuzu stronger than Kakashi?

Kakuzu is difficult to eliminate and shows an ability to capture jinchuuriki with ease. He cannot pass away easily because he has multiple hearts. The unique ability gives Kakashi trouble in their battle. ... He shows the strength to overwhelm Kakashi in pure combat, but the tactical ability is not the same.

Who would win, Kakuzu or Hidan?

Kakuzu would win because he already knows how Hidan fights. By knowing that, Kakuzu can just do a long distance fight against Hidan since he has 4 other hearts that can do it. Also Kakuzu can harden his skin so even if Hidan did get close enough, he wouldn't be able to cut Kakuzu.

What can Kakuzu do with Hidan's Chakra?

Kakuzu can us Chakra to manipulate black hands generated from within the body, thus taking other people's hearts. Besides, he can use ninjutsu of the original hearts' owndes. Hidan and Kakuzu is called the "Zombie Combo".

How did Akatsuki get rid of Hidan in Naruto?

In the anime, Yugakure requested that Akatsuki eliminate Hidan for his homicidal acts, leading to Pain dispatching Itachi Uchiha, Konan and Kakuzu to handle the matter. Upon Hidan encountering the organisation, he attempted to kill Kakuzu, and managed to destroy one of his hearts.

What kind of ninjutsu does Hidan use?

Hidan is good at Taijutsu with an immortal body. He can let opponents take the same amount of damage as he does through cursing. Therefor, he is prone to dig his own grave. Kakuzu can us Chakra to manipulate black hands generated from within the body, thus taking other people's hearts. Besides, he can use ninjutsu of the original hearts' owndes.

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